Project Sabre

Welcome to the home page for Project Sabre, a Pro-Touring Musclecar for the average Joe. The goal of this build is to create a truly competitive Pro-Touring car for the Autocross courses, while remaining street friendly. You won't see a supercharged, overpowered $150,000 show-car here, but rather a very streetable & usable build that anyone can tackle without breaking the bank. This project is to show that by performing a little research, and sticking to a budget anyone can have a top-level ride. Know that this car will be used, abused and beaten as much as possible to prove that our formula works, and lasts.

The base for this project is a 1971 GM A-body Oldsmobile Cutlass S. The car will feature an LQ4 LS swap with a T56 manual transmission, Rushforth Wheels, C6 / Z51 Corvette brakes, updated interior with custom gauges, custom exhaust and a host of other upgrades.

We started this project with a rendering by Automotive Image Consultant and Wheel Designer Jason Rushforth. This helped us have a firm road map to build from, and keep us on track. Not only is it cool to look at, but it will also keep us from changing too much during the build. This is key for a project vehicle to keep costs down and ensure your end result matches your vision.

Here is the completed rendering from Jason Rushforth:

RideTech, providing a complete suspension solution for Project Sabre Rushforth Wheels, providing the coolest rolling stock anywhere! Lojack for Classics, providing anti-theft and theft-recovery solutions for Project Sabre Vintage Air, providing complete heat and air condition unit for Project Sabre New Vintage USA, providing Gauges and Cluster Housing for Project Sabre Modo KWiK
Comp Digi-Tails, providing LED taillights and rear turn signals for Project Sabre RnD Fabrication, providing Radiator, Valve Covers and more for Project Sabre